Providing a Practical and Integrated Structural Design and Drafting Service to the Residential and Light / Medium Commercial Sectors of the Community.


Simon has 35 years of experience in the Construction industry, of which the last 20 years have been in New Zealand. Previously he has worked in the UK, South Africa, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Gibraltar and the West Indies.

His career positions have been diverse, including positions as Project Engineer for US Air Force and US Navy in the West Indies, Resident Engineer for the Tortola Government, Site Manager for multi-storey apartments, and Site Engineer for major airport and motorway Projects in South Africa.

His experience in New Zealand includes working as a Site Engineer at Auckland International Airport and working as a Company Engineer for large Contractors. Since then, over the last 18 years, he has developed his structural expertise with an emphasis on the use of Finite Element Design to analyse structures.

Simon believes that his broad range of experience in the industry, combined with current structural design technology equips him well to identify and implement practical economical design solutions.

Simon Whitehead